Our Ethos

HAIR OPULENCE- We believe given the choice of where to spend two weeks people would choose a luxury holiday. Given the same question about two hours people may choose a visit to a luxury hair salon. With this in mind we aim to make your visit to us the highlight of your six weeks. Your regular mini holiday. It has been proven that looking good, makes you feel good and helps you achieve more. 

Mental health is improved and stress is relieved when you are happy. We believe turning your hairdressing appointment into a luxury experience. It is our aim to ensure you leave our salon as happy as possible.

A new type of hairdressing

Our job is not to just make you look good on the day of your salon appointment, but everyday. Your Mulberry & Flitch hairdresser is your home hair styling coach. Giving you the information and tips so you can achieve the hair style you want every day. Fantastic hair 365 days of the year.

All inclusive service

We want to give you the right hair style for you. Not the hair style we can sell you. Our transparent pricing policy means you pay an hourly rate for the time you need with your hairdresser. There will be no extra charges for redesigns, or treatments or any products used during your appointment. Including colour or smoothing services. If during your appointment there is development time long enough for another appointment, please feel free to use that time for a friend or a family member. There will be no extra charge, the time is already paid for.  

Embrace Learning

Hairdressing is constantly changing. New products and services are being developed all the time. Meaning to offer you the very highest standards of hairdressing even our most experienced hairdressers need to embrace learning new techniques and services. Within our group of companies we have our very own professional hairdressing academy. Our national vocational academy offers internationally recognised qualifications in hairdressing and means our team members have unlimited access to the latest training materials constantly.    


Playing an active part in our local communities and helping good causes anywhere is very important to us. Each hairdresser within our salons is encouraged to support a local charity, grass roots sports club, school or good cause. Our aim is to raise £1,000 for each good cause we support. If you know of a worthy cause locally that you would like us to support please do let us know. We would love to help.